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Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE)

Thompson Association of Retired Educators (TARE)

TARE members meet about ten times a year and usually over a meal as socializing is important. Our Chapter members make suggestions about possible activities and projects for the year and then the executive and/or small groups plan the events.
For two years we used the Chapter Initiative Grant money to plant flowers and vegetables at the local Library and at a local restaurant in an attempt to beautify both places. We have signs at each place to advertise that the retired teachers are responsible for the plantings. TARE members have for two years run a very successful short morning program at the Library for youngsters to introduce them to growing seeds and bulbs by actually planting these items, hearing a story and being involved in an exercise pretending to be a growing plant. This year we decided to use the Chapter Initiative Grant money for wellness. Our first activity was the Mature Drivers course.  It was well attended and all present felt that it certainly was worthwhile. The driving component was not offered this time but the next time the course is offered here we will be sure to ask for the driving test option.  Plans are underway to have a pharmacist come to speak to us about questions we have concerning seniors, drugs, and drug plans. This will tie in nicely with the spring presentation we had by one of the local Public Health nurses who spoke to us about the importance of keeping our immunizations up to date and about the kinds of shots we should have before travelling. The leader of a very successful exercise program for Seniors will come to work with us for an hour or two and lead us through a series of exercises aimed at keeping us fit and ready for the everyday challenges we face as we age. A local law firm has been contacted as we wish to have a session on wills, powers of attorney, and living wills.  Other possible activities include a tour of the yurts recently installed at Paint Lake Provincial Park, a tour of the University College of the North, bowling, and a Christmas get-together. It is our tradition to start each September with a “To hell with the bell” breakfast which is well attended and always sparks many memories and much discussion of what is happening this year in the school district.
Many of our retired educators are busy subbing or volunteering in the community so we move our meeting times around in order to accommodate as many as possible. Our group is not large but we are active and interested in our community

President: Joan Goble

Address: 224 Riverside Drive Thompson, MB R8N 0X2

Phone: 204-778-8167



President: Joan Goble       

Vice President: Terry Nychuk            

Secretary-Treasurer: Kate Roth


 May 2019 members attended RTAM AGM; Library plant project with children

June: filled 4 large planters at the Library and organized summer maintenance; funeral of Carol Pelton RTAM Treasurer and TARE member; planned Rice Krispie event for retirees but no takers

July: several members accepted invitation to attend Seniors’ Council BBQ; annual picnic held this year at the summer home of Ruth Saunders at Setting Lake.

September: annual “To Hell with the Bell” breakfast at a local hotel dining room. Later in the month several members accepted the invitation to attend a Prevention and Education Conference on Elder Abuse held at the local Rec Centre.

October: Pharmacist D. King again spoke to us answering all question we had

November:  toured the local AFM facility meeting staff; seeing the residence areas, seminar rooms, dining rooms, etc. and learning about the programs offered in the North

December: no scheduled meeting but members were encouraged to attend local Seniors’ Christmas dinner. Several did attend. It was a wonderful meal and good entertainment.

January 2020: the Seniors’ Council again extended an invitation to us this time to attend a Telehealth presentation on Dementia. Several of our members did attend.

February: Constable S. Deibert came to speak to us about Safety in Thompson. It was a very informative session.

March: three members will present a pre-retirement seminar to TTA members: plans are pending for another group event

April: our AGM is tentatively set for April 16 at Paint Lake Lodge

May: members are encouraged to attend the RTAM AGM in Winnipeg; Memories Project Tea locally to present Memory binders to the SDML, the Library and the Museum. Our Memories Project is still underway and will hopefully continue over the next few years. There is no record of teachers’ impressions and stories about teaching in Thompson. We are asking anyone who ever taught here to send us a memory or two c/o to include in the binders.

Respectfully submitted,

Joan Goble

TARE President


Respectfully submitted by Joan Goble, President

Members: 27 (2018)

This past year we have followed our usual format. Our AGM was held at Paint Lake Marina where we dined looking out over the still frozen Paint Lake and held our meeting.

In May, we again held a session at the Thompson Public Library helping children learn about plants and how they grow. This is always a hands-on project and requires several retired teachers and some parents. We again filled and maintained four large planters at the front of the Library and weeded out two neglected gardens. This project lasts all summer and ends when the gardens are pulled out and put to rest for the winter usually sometime in early September. We also planted and maintained five large planters at a local restaurant. This latter project will not occur this year as the business has closed.

We always meet in July for a pot luck picnic at the cottage of one of our members. This year, our Secretary Kate Roth and husband Greg hosted the event on a rather dull, rainy day. We had a wonderful time chatting and eating even if the weather did not cooperate.

In August, we were stunned by the sudden death of our past Vice President Barb McIntyre, who loved to work on the plant projects and was still actively subbing.

The first day of school is always celebrated with a ‘To Hell with the Bell’ breakfast at a local restaurant. When the Anne Frank Exhibit came to Thompson in the fall, a group of retired teachers took the informative tour and sent an article to KIT about our visit.

In December we had a pot luck supper at the home of President Joan Goble.

Our next big event was a tour of the local YWCA which has been undergoing major renovations and updates over the past two years. We were invited to lunch with ‘Y’ staff and then given an extensive tour of the building and detailed explanations of the programming offered. It was a real eye-opener.

We had hoped to have our AGM in late March but with so many snowbirds and travellers, we could not get a critical mass and have postponed our meeting until late April. We will need to revisit our Constitution and perhaps change our AGM date again as moving it to March has not worked.

Our Chapter Initiative Grant for this year was approved. The money received has been used to purchase paper, printer cartridges, and binders.  We had noticed that there is no history of teaching in Thompson. Our project is to rectify that situation and start collecting those stories this year as MTS celebrates 100 years in Manitoba. We have put the word out through our members and are trying to find folks who have taught here over the past 50 plus years. We want their stories about teaching in Thompson and even about being a student here before being an educator. This history has not yet been recorded and is being lost as our members die. So, the word is out. Please send us your memories of teaching in Thompson. We will print them in triplicate and place them in binders. One copy will go to the School District of Mystery Lake, one to the Museum and one to the Public Library. The information is starting to trickle in and the binders are slowly taking shape. The project will continue throughout 2019 and even beyond if material continues to come in.

TARE continues to have a good working relationship with the Thompson Teachers’ Association (TTA). They regularly invite the RTAM and TARE presidents to MTS presentations in Thompson concerning critical educational issues. They also invited TARE members to join in the MTS 100th Anniversary celebrations held in Thompson in the spring. TARE members walked in solidarity with TTA in a march held locally. Each year TARE members present Rice Krispie cakes to at least two retiring teachers and their classes. As well, when requested to do so, we present to interested TTA members an evening seminar on Retirement. 

We are a small group, but we enjoy meeting to chat, eat, share our adventures, learn about our community and give back to our city.

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Activities during the year include a presentation by TARE to prospective retirees, a potluck supper at the lake, the presentation of Rice Crispy cakes to a retiring teacher and his/her class, and the sending of a letter to all new retirees inviting them to join TARE and explaining the advantages of joining RTAM