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Okanagan Chapter of RTAM

Okanagan Chapter of RTAM

Manitoba Teachers in BC!

Our chapter was organized by the two current co-presidents in 2008. We have members from Salmon Arm in the North to Oliver in the South Okanagan Valley. We are a very ‘social’ group, and meet on a regular basis three times a year: at our annual AGM lunch meeting in April, at a summer barbecue, pot luck and games day in July or August, and at a Christmas lunch in December.

We welcome new members every year!

President: Lorna Rothwell/Lorne Lisik

Address: 1664 Merlot Dr. West Kelowna, BC V4T 2X7/2600 Saddleridge Dr. West Kelowna, BC V4T 2K7

Phone: 250-870-1293/250-768-8454


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Co-Presidents:        Lorna Rothwell

                                Lorne Lisik       

Vice-President:        Ken Ferg

Treasurer:                Roy Lycar

Secretary:                 Nancy Kostiuk

Members-at-large:   Susan Forsyth

                                 Glenda Waugh

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The magazine the Okanagan lives by