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Retired Women Teachers' Association

Welcome Retired Women from the Teaching Community!

Our chapter membership is open to all retired women teachers in Manitoba, and we'd love to have you join us for fun, laughter and philanthropy!

Please contact Pat Opalko ( or Cecile Alarie-Skene ( for a membership form or DOWNLOAD HERE

Retired Women Teachers’ Association Executive for 2023-24

President                            Karen Burgoyne                                  

Vice President                     open                           

Past President                    Pat Opalko                   

Membership Convener       Cecile Alarie-Skene

Treasurer                            Phyllis Arnold-Luedtke                

Recording Secretary           Isabelle Garand

Corresponding Secretary    Brenda Zebrynski                        

Luncheon Coordinator         Lynda Tunny   

Social Committee                Louise Burton (ch)                     

Social Committee                Arlene Billeck

Social Committee                Laurel McFarlane             

Tickets                                 Barb Haddow

Tickets                                 Vi Hultin                                    

RTAM/Pensions                  Peggy Prendergast

Visiting Committee             Emily Williamson             

Visiting Committee             Lenore Butler

Publicity                              Helen Norrie                                

Archivist                              Jacquie Field             

Pianist                                Charlotte Stech

Phoning Committee:  Kathy Deyman, Shirley Hampton, Pat Graefer, Bev Wilkinson

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RWTA President - Karen Burgoyne

Please take a look at our 2023 Information Pamphlet, we encourage you to follow up with us if you have any questions or concerns.

Click Here for the RWTA Pamphlet