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Student Success Portfolios

Student Success Portfolios

RTAM’s Student Success Portfolio Program

What is it?

A Student Success Portfolio is a storage container to be used to collect a high school student’s unique artifacts representing their many unique activities, events, skills, special awards and other items they wish to save.

This Program provides the student with the portfolio and ideas as to what to collect over their 4 years in high school.  It provides the RTAM member with suggested strategies to support the student they are mentoring.

Who is it for?

The Student Success Portfolio Program is designed for RTAM members to support their family members in creating these portfolios.  Family members include grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

For the RTAM members who do not have any family members in high school, a family friend or acquaintance may enjoy your support in creating this lifetime memory portfolio of their high school years.

Jayesh Maniar (Winnipeg) – Chair 

  • Kathy Bellemare (Dauphin)
  • Betty-Jean Checkley (Portage la Prairie)
  • Judy Danchura (Winnipeg)
  • Peggy Prendergast (Winnipeg)
  • Marilyn Wiebe (Winnipeg)
  • Joan Zaretsky (Winnipeg)

RTAM Mentor Supports

The files found on the MORE INFORMATION TAB are designed to support you in developing your relationship with your student by offering some discussion starters.  While they are organized monthly, feel free to select the topic you feel best meets the needs of your student as you initially work with them.

There are also files which will provide some answers to a number of questions we have been asked regarding this process.  For example, your student can reside anywhere in Canada or the United States.  They do not have to live in Manitoba.  This is one of many very interesting questions we have addressed.

Student Benefits

Creating a portfolio over the 4 years of high school allows the student to visually depict and save examples of all the special skills and experiences they have participated during this time in their life.

During their Grade 12 year, this collection will be invaluable to the student when completing their applications for:

  • postsecondary education (university, community college, or other programs).
  • scholarships, awards and bursaries.
  • Jobs during their high school year and upon graduation.

The collection found in the portfolio will eliminate all the last minute headaches trying to remember what the student has done which meets the criteria of these applications.

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