RTAM Strategic Plan 2024-2028

The Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba 2024-2028 Strategic Plan

The RTAM Strategic Plan (strat plan) is a core document which helps incoming and current Directors on the Board know what goals and objectives the organization is working towards in the short and long term. The document helps guide decisions and planning and acts as a road map for committee, board and office decision making and actions. By planning for short-term and long-term needs, we can protect growth and financials and start to see problems before they happen (making us less reactive). There is also a benefit to communication and transparency when a strategic plan is shared with members of an organization. It allows members to see what goals and projects are being worked on, what expected timelines and costs should be and can at times help keep membership informed to how the organization is operating.

The 2024-2028 Strategic Plan is available to member download and review below. Some of the highlights from the document include:

  • Increasing the communication methods of RTAM to members
  • Improving access to member benefits
  • Increasing member benefits
  • Increasing organizational size and revenues
  • Modernization of the website and communication tools
  • Increasing diversity, inclusion and equity 
  • Increasing the staff
  • Increasing programs and events
  • Increasing support and access to programs and events

 RTAM Strategic Plan 2024 2028 J24

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