New Special Interest Group (SIG) - RTAM Choir

NEW Special Interest Group (SIG) - RTAM Choir, RTAM Paper Quilt and Legacy Portfolios

RTAM is proud to announce a new initiative that will function similarly to Chapters which will be called Special Interest Groups and be known as SIG's.

These new SIGs will have a them and be open to RTAM members anywhere in the province who would like to participate. If you or someone you know is interested in starting a SIG, please reach out to Dianne in the RTAM office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. She will take down your contact information and SIG information and we will create a "call to action" to see how many people are interested in joining the group! If we can get more than 10 committed RTAM members to join, we are happy to help create a regular group which can come together, stay connected and active while pursuing their passions in retirement through RTAM. If you are interested in participating in one of our three new SIGs, please email Dianne and let her know which group you're interested in, along with your phone number and email so she can follow up with you.

New Special Interest Group - Legacy Portoflios:  The Legacy Portfolio SIG will provide you with a portfolio and discussion with fellow members as to what you may want to select to leave as a memoir for your family.

New Special Interest Group - The Paper Quilt Project:  The Women in Leadership Paper Quilt SIG is designed to encourage RTAM women who were in leadership roles in their teaching career to develop a paper quilt square to be arranged in the creation of a “RTAM Women in Leadership” paper quilt! 

New Special Interest Group - RTAM Choir:  The RTAM Choir is seeking interested members for is being run by RTAM member Bill Quinn. Please see his message below:

"Are any RTAM members interested in singing choir music in an informal setting on Wednesday afternoons in the new year? A retired choral teacher with many years of experience leading community choirs is willing to lead a group through a variety of music- folk, pop, Broadway, light classical and jazz. Each session would last 90 minutes and accompanied by a pianist. A small fee would be required. Please contact RTAM if interested."
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