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COMMITTEE REPORT TO THE 2020 RTAM AGM can be found in each committee's page. Click on a committee on the lefthand side, the report will show on the right. However, if you want to view and download all/any of the reports, CLICK HERE.

Income Security - Income Tax Tips

Tax season is coming soon.  The Income Tax slips started coming this week in the mail.  A letter sent recently by Canada’s Minister of Seniors, Deb Schulte, to RTAM states at the outset “Filing taxes is important to make sure individuals get all the benefits they are entitled to, especially low-income seniors.”


Letter to Premier Brian Pallister

December 9, 2020

Premier Brian Pallister
Manitoba Government
204 - 450 Broadway Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0V8


The Manitoba Seniors Coalition is a coalition of Manitoba organizations interested in the spectrum of issues affecting older adults in Manitoba. Though each organization has individual priorities and mandates, collectively we aim to ensure that older Manitobans thrive and age well.

In June, the Manitoba Seniors Coalition shared a list of priorities that are important to support older Manitobans. Many support healthy aging, while others ensure that there are adequate supports in place for when aging independently isn’t possible.

The urgency of some of these issues has been spotlighted and exacerbated by the second wave of Covid-19 in Manitoba. It has been particularly evident in the high mortality rate amongst older people.