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COMMITTEE REPORT TO THE 2020 RTAM AGM can be found in each committee's page. Click on a committee on the lefthand side, the report will show on the right. However, if you want to view and download all/any of the reports, CLICK HERE.

The mandate of the Political Advocacy (PA) Committee as stated in the Policy Handbook is as follows:

  1. Develop and recommend actions to accomplish goals and objectives established by the Board.
  2. Monitor political issues and advise the President and/or the Board on emerging issues relevant to RTAM.
  3. Plan and organize political advocacy, if so directed by the Board.


Committee Chair & Member/s


John Sushelnitsky
Portage la Prairie
  • Guy Hansen
  • Vicki Hooke
  • JoAnne Hoyak
  • Julian Hoyak
  • Norm Wiebe
  • Dennis Kozak
January 2021 Highlights

In line with the policy objective of keeping the President and Board aware of economic, political and social issues, the Chair presented a summary of 22 articles in the December period taken from the Winnipeg Free Press. Many items were for information only. Three items require further action and will be taken to the Board. The first item recommends that teachers, including Substitute retired teachers, be deemed essential service and given their COVID-19 vaccine immunization shots at an early stage of the roll out. The second item concerns an invitation to Senator Murray Sinclair to meet with us to discuss what RTAM might be able to do to help accomplish the 94 calls for action in the Truth and Reconciliation Report. The third item concerns the economic straits many older teachers, mainly ladies, face in their later years. The summary of 22 articles is available upon request at the RTAM Office.

John Sushelnitsky

Committee Chair

Committee Report to the 2020 RTAM AGM

RTAM – Political Advocacy 2019-20

The Year in review

Members of the PA Committee for 2019-20 were Linda Blair (Winnipeg), Ralph Cibula (Gladstone), Guy Hansen (Winnipeg), JoAnne & Julian Hoyak (MacGregor), Ken Malcolm (Dauphin) and John Sushelnitsky (Portage la Prairie). John chaired the Committee.

At the Committee’s first meeting on June 13, 2019 there were 15 items on the agenda for the year’s work:

  1. Provincial and federal elections
  2. ACER-CART articles
  3. Meet and Greet 2020
  4. Economic Disparities globally and nationally
  5. Gender inequality in pay and promotion
  6. K-12 Education Review
  7. Manitoba Seniors Coalition 
  8. Canadian Coalition for Retirement Security
  9. Indigenous Bursary 2020
  10. Nigaan Sinclair’s views on indigenous progress
  11. John Wiens’ views on the Education Review
  12. Government and Opposition press releases
  13. School division amalgamation
  14. October 1st- the United Nations Day of the Older Person
  15. Observance of the November 11thRemembrance Day

The Committee split up the research work for these topics and reported back to the whole Committee and to the Board, offering action motions when appropriate. The Covid-19 virus forced the postponement of the Meet and Greet with the Members of the Legislature. On the plus side, the Committee had very meaningful meetings with Professor and journalist Nigaan Sinclair and Dr. John r. Wiens. The meetings were reported in KIT.

Respectfully submitted by

John Sushelnitsky

Committee Chair