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The Benefits Committee’s job is to review yearly with Johnson Inc. all benefit plans for content and costs for our members.

Each year Johnson provides the data on the costs associated with these respective plans and recommends to the Board the terms of payment for each plan for the next year. Naturally we try to keep costs stable for the ensuing year.


Committee Chair & Member/s
Dave Najduch

  • Pat Bowslaugh (Brandon)
  • Shannon Culbertson (Brandon)
  • Robert Daigneault (Winnipeg)
  • Mel Montgomery (Carman)
  • B. Joan Rink (Brookdale)


November 2021 Highlights

The Committee is currently reviewing the Benefits plans and looking to make recommendations for the 2022-2023 plan year.

  • There is no recommended change in premiums to be paid or the coverage provided for the Prestige Travel plan.
  • Wording clarification on the return to Canada requirement for the 62 and 93 day travel plans has been drafted and will be share when finalized.
  • There is a recommend increase in the dental plan premium of 5.9%.
  • The committee is reviewing a number of changes to the health plan which will be provided at a future date.
Committee Report to the 2021 RTAM AGM

Your Benefits Committee has worked diligently with Jessica Simpson at Johnson Inc. to provide services for our RTAM members. Seven committee meetings via Zoom plus numerous phone calls, emails and lots of home work allowed new supports in Extended Health Care (no premium increase) and increased maximum support in Dental Care (no premium increase).

The Travel Plan members experienced a four month premium reprieve from September 1 to December 31, 2020 due to the diminished travel as the Federal and Provincial governments were banning all unnecessary travel. Undoubtedly, our travel coverage experienced the most costly supports to thousands of travellers given that the Federal Government decreed an extremely tight time frame to return safely home upon the outbreak of COVID-19. The huge number of claims has resulted in a 3.7% increase in premiums to stabilize the plan.

We remind all travellers that the Prestige Travel claims must be “sudden and unforeseen”. We strongly suggest that if your health situation is questionable, you are wise to have a recorded statement of stability from your doctor before embarking on a trip. It is also wise to check with Johnson regarding COVID-19 situations.

Please check the web page for two newly created documents. A chart has been created providing the details/comparison of the three insurance providers, these being Blue Cross, Manulife (for Winnipeg retirees only) plus RTAM’s own coverages for dental, health and travel. The second new document is a “to do” check list when preparing for travel.

Trip Merchant offers travel opportunities for RTAM members both as individual travellers and group excursions. We are hoping that, when travel resumes, our opportunities with Trip Merchant will attract new members. In the meantime, we encourage you to visit the Trip Merchant web page to access virtual tours and their newsletter (password to access Trip Merchant on our web page: RTAMTM18).

We have been in discussion with Brandon University with the hope to communicate our availability to those retiring staff members who have a teaching certificate.

In cooperation with the Membership Committee, two seminars for potential retirees were held on March 6 and March 20. Approximately 120 people participated via the Zoom platform. A package of handouts was mailed to registrants prior to the event and Johnson provided materials which were distributed to each participant in advance of the events. There are plans to hold an extra pre-retirement seminar in October for all people who are considering retirement.

Respectfully submitted,
Pat Bowslaugh, Chair on behalf of Committee Members: Joan Rink, Shannon Culbertson, Dave Najduch, Brian Paterson and Bill Cann.

Johnson Benefits Plan

February 2021

Dear RTAM Plan Member:

The RTAM Benefits Committee and the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc. have completed the annual group insurance renewal for the travel, extended health and dental care plans renewing on April 1, 2021.

Update on Health and Dental Care Plans

While at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we did see some reduced usage of our Health and Dental Plans, the current renewal rate accounts for experience up to July 2020.