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COMMITTEE REPORT TO THE 2020 RTAM AGM can be found in each committee's page. Click on a committee on the lefthand side, the report will show on the right. However, if you want to view and download all/any of the reports, CLICK HERE.

The Benefits Committee’s job is to review yearly with Johnson Inc. all benefit plans for content and costs for our members.

Each year Johnson provides the data on the costs associated with these respective plans and recommends to the Board the terms of payment for each plan for the next year. Naturally we try to keep costs stable for the ensuing year.


Committee Chair & Member/s
Pat Bowslaugh

  • Dave Najduch
  • Joan Rink
  • Brian Paterson
  • Shannon Culbertson
  • Bill Cann


Johnson Benefits Plan

February 2021

Dear RTAM Plan Member:

The RTAM Benefits Committee and the Plan Administrator, Johnson Inc. have completed the annual group insurance renewal for the travel, extended health and dental care plans renewing on April 1, 2021.

Update on Health and Dental Care Plans

While at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we did see some reduced usage of our Health and Dental Plans, the current renewal rate accounts for experience up to July 2020.


Committee Report to the 2020 RTAM AGM


Respectfully submitted by Brian Paterson (Chair) – Brandon

Members – Bill Cann (Winnipeg), Pat Bowslaugh (Brandon), Doreen Sage (Neepawa)

In spite of the Covid-19 crisis, it has been a very busy fall, winter & spring for our Committee. Below, find a few brief comments about the work of the Benefits Committee *.

 Working as a team, the Benefits Cttee & Johnson Inc. try to bring our 10,000 members the best Plans we can negotiate.  Beginning in October, our Team finished its work on the the Plans in February, 2020.  For example working with the Cttee. Jessica Simpson & Jeff Bennett of Johnson Inc. negotiated a premium rate increase of 2.9 % on the Prestige Travel Plan. Rates are based on claims and cost of services.  Most Plans renew on April 1st, 2020.  Medoc Travel (a 2nd travel option) renews on Sept. 1, 2020.  This plan is for people who only wish to travel between 17 or 35 days/ yr.  This plan is sensitive to changes in health which must be reported to Johnson Inc.  There are two Extended Health Care Plans (CORE & Enhanced).   The Dental Plan premium rate increase is 0.6%.  This rate reflects the increased costs of dental care.  For example, both metal & amalgam fillings are now covered.  Note that RTAM members now have access to Home Insurance & Life Insurance coverages.  For more information on these plans, contact Johnson Inc. at 1-877-989-2600.

 Here is a summary of premium rate increases for 2020/21:

Prestige Travel Plan – 2.9%                    
Extended Health Care (Core & Enhanced) – 0%
Dental Care - 0.6%                        
Trip cancellation/ interruption/ delay are subject to exclusions and limitations outlined in section iv of  the travel booklet sent to members on April 1st, 2020

Base Plan Discount options are available in options of 20% or 45%.  Please see details in annual certificate of insurance notice or ‘Johnson the Dog’ booklet.  Our Prestige Emergency Medical Travel Plan for members is among the best available in the voluntary retiree market.  There is no ‘medical stability clause’, medical emergencies must be sudden & unforeseen.

* Note – For specific questions about your personal benefit plan(s), including the Prestige Travel discount options & Prestige Travel Insurance Supplemental coverage, contact Johnson Inc. at the above toll free number or by email at

* Remember, RTAM membership is only $36.00/ yr.

The Benefits Committee met a total of six times beginning in Sept., 2019.  Our last meeting was held via ‘Zoom’ thanks to our CEO, Gordon Fardoe.  If questions or concerns arose, Johnson & help were only a phone call or email away at any time.  Jessica Simpson & Johnson Inc. proved to be an extremely important part of our team.  We are blessed to have such a great relationship with Johnson Inc.  On March 13 when a Travel Advisory was issued, Canadians had only 10 days to return to Canada.  Johnson stayed within the rules; never changed the rules and stayed within the guidelines while seeing a steep rise in Trip Cancellation claims.  The situation was handled very well. 

Trip Merchant news - Our Committee wanted one more benefit for RTAM members this year.  Until Covid-19 came along, it nearly came to pass.  Our main goal for 2019/ 20 was to i) provide members with an affordable Travel Plan Company (savings from 30 – 50%).   ii) increase our  membership numbers coincidental with the Travel Plan Company, Trip Merchant.  

Here are some details of what is yet to come (if the virus ever disappears or a cure is found for it):  Although travel has come to a halt in Canada, Trip Merchant (TM) still allows travellers to dream now and travel later.  Be ready when travel does resume!  Check out the RTAM Website by clicking on ‘About’; then go to the bottom & click on ‘travel’; or go to the link at to see the many current offers & opportunities.  An RTAM membership is needed.  The password is RTAMTM18.  Sign up for your travel e-newsletter today at httpp:// to be aware of the latest deals.  

As you can see, TM is not sitting still during this pandemic.  The company whose owners each have over a decade of travel experience offer a smorgasbord of destinations and unique offers that should be checked out.  Remember to sign up for your travel newsletter if you have not done so already & check out our RTAM website.