AGM 2023 - Updates to Articles and Bylaws

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Updating our RTAM Articles of Incorporation and our RTAM Bylaws for 2023-2024

The Retired Teachers Association of Manitoba is looking to make annual updates this May at our AGM in Brandon, Manitoba. Usually our organization updates policies and bylaws, however this year we will be updating Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, while the board of directors once elected will review suggested changes to policy and test some interim policies for the new fiscal year and report back to the membership through the AGM in 2024 as to their effectiveness.

Articles of Incorporation

The aims of the changes to Articles came about with the new board of directors who were looking to increase inclusivity, update some wording to more modern terms and create a pathway for the Board of Directors to take requests for donations to students and teachers in an effort to enrich the scholastic community. The current Articles of Incorporation filed with the Companies Office / Entrepreneurship of Manitoba can be found below in addition to the proposed new Articles of Incorporation, we are looking to pass this May and then file in July.

Current Articles of Incorporation

Proposed New Articles of Incorporation


Every year the Board of Directors examines the bylaws to see if there are updates needed to help RTAM grow or improve on operations. This year is no different and the Board of Directors has gone through the existing bylaws from cover-to-cover in an attempt to update the document and re-organize some out of line information (as an example, page numbers not matching the table of contents).

We have provided the current RTAM bylaws below, which are the same as the ones found on the website under the "bylaw" tab. Also included, are the new proposed bylaws for 2023-2024.

Current RTAM Bylaws

Proposed Changes to Current Bylaws