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Guy Hansen, Director
Winnipeg, Manitoba

The war in Viet Nam was using all the nickel we could produce. Then the war was over, 1973. The bubble burst, Thompson went into a sudden slump…it was widely felt that it was the local First Nations communities which kept our town going, new connecting roads had been built, money and people migrated in from the reserves.

When I retired from teaching, I went to the Recycle Center.

My job was to upgrade local First Nations males so they could enter the work place with better jobs.

I was often in their apartments, met their wives and families, saw their living conditions.

A couple of years ago RTAM put $50,000 into an endowment, the interest would pay for four scholarships. Good for RTAM.

But these scholarships did not recognize the challenges unique to our First Nations communities.

The Political Advocacy committee, over the last two years, has initiated an award specific to a Northern/First Nations student. The University College of the North, The Pas campus will administer it, $1000 annually.

I am quite proud of PA for doing this, and of the role I played in moving it forward.

If you agree, smile and shake my hand at the AGM. If not, feel free to approach me and express your disproval