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JoAnne Hoyak, Vice President
MacGregor, Manitoba

My experience as an educator includes positions as a K to 6 music specialist, a Grades 7, 8 and 9 ELA teacher and a Senior High teacher of English, Social Studies and Law. So, I am proud to say I have taught every grade, except Grade 11, in the Manitoba Public School System. I also appreciated expanding my view of public education by serving three terms as a school trustee in Pine Creek School Division. It became clear to me that parents, trustees and teachers all have the same goal—to provide the best education possible for ALL the children in our care. I subscribe to the notion that if one feels strongly about an issue, one should accept the responsibility of stepping up to take action to support and promote it. Therefore, I served on various MTS committees both locally and provincially.

Presently, I have grave concerns over the general abandonment of the defined benefit pension model, and so feel obligated to offer what I can to strive to maintain it. As well, I believe an RTAM member should have a designated seat on TRAF and have contributed towards that end. I have sat as a Director on the RTAM Board for the last six years. I have been a member and Chair of the Pension Committee, a member of the Political Advocacy committee and served as Vice President and ACER-CART representative in 2017 / 2018 and am presently in that same position now.

The goals we wish to attain and the work we need to accomplish can only be achieved through legislation that establishes RTAM as the recognized voice of retired teachers in Manitoba. This is what we are aiming for.

The overall effectiveness of our organization rests on the practices of cooperation, collaboration, consensus, and transparency between officers, the Board directors, our chapter presidents and the membership at large. I am confident we can achieve this working model and dedicate myself towards this end.