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Brian Paterson

Brian Paterson, Director
Brandon, Manitoba

Having taught/ administrated for 38 years, I retired in the year 2000.  Like many of you, I have a B.A., B.Ed. and a Master’s Degree in Education. My wife, Leita, and I have 2 grown children.  Karma & Darin live in Winnipeg and both have 2 children.  I was a director with the RTAM Board for 5 years.  I left the Board as I was in need of a rotator-cuff operation on my shoulder.   Our Boards accomplished many things.  For example, our retired members have one of the better Travel Plans in MB.  I was a member of the Benefits Committee for the 5 years I served on the Board.  Although improvements can always be made, I am proud of our Travel Plan.  Experience is a wonderful teacher and I felt I learned a lot about all the committees of the Board.  One of the Board goals I supported before I left the Board was for RTAM to regain its positive relations with the MTS.  I am proud to say that today RTAM works very closely with the Provincial MTS.  Relations are great; as they should be.  In 2018, I worked with other WREA colleagues that met with local MLA's in Brandon.  Our purpose was to insure that our Defined Benefit Plan was secure.  We were told that it was.  In summary, I feel that I have the experience and work ethic to work hard for RTAM members.  Thank you for the opportunity of letting my name stand for Director on the 2019 RTAM BOARD.