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Pat Bowslaugh, Treasurer

Pat Bowslaugh retired from Brandon School Division in 1999 before her eleven year tenure at the Brandon University Faculty of Education. In year 2000 she became an RTAM Board member serving on several committees before becoming RTAM President from 2007 - 2009. She then took an eight year hiatus during which she served on various committees before returning to the RTAM Board in 2018 as Benefits Committee Chair.

Pat is active in several community and professional organizations and only recently left the position of trustee for Brandon School Division. While family and travel are very important to her, she greatly enjoys representing 10 000 retirees on the RTAM Board.


Linda Scott, Director
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I am a retired teacher and guidance counsellor having taught 17 years in elementary and 15 years in high school. During my teaching career I served on various committees for the Manitoba School Counsellors' Association and the St. James-Assiniboia Teachers' Association.

I have served for 1 year on the RTAM Wellness, Advocacy and student Awards and for 1 year as the Chairperson of the RTAM Membership and Chapters Committee. 

Through the years my other volunteer activities have included:

  • 9 years as a Sunday School teacher
  • 6 years as a Girl Guide leader
  • 20 years as a Block Parent
  • 4 years as a High School Peer Support advisor
  • 10 years as a TADD (Teens Against Drinking & Driving) advisor
  • 8 years as a Peer Support Volunteer and Trainer for the Canadian Cancer Society
  • 8 years as a Public Member of the Manitoba Podiatrists' Association
  • 1 year as a member of the RTAM Wellness committee
  • 4 years on the executive of the St. James-Charleswood Alzheimers' Bridge group

I look forward to serving as a Director for RTAM.

Alison Logan, Director
Winnipeg, Manitoba

I began my teaching career in 1974 as part of St. James-Assiniboia staff in Early Years Education. For most of my career I was active in the Manitoba Teachers Society at the local level. I served on various committees, as a Council Rep, and as an Executive Member including President for 3 years. I ended my career as a Staff Officer in Teacher Welfare at the Manitoba Teachers’ Society. I can honestly say I loved every step of the way.

Along with my M.T.S. involvement I have also served as a member of The City of Winnipeg Public Library Board, ALS Society of Manitoba Board, and as a member of The Caregivers Advisory Committee under appointment by the Minister of Health, Seniors and Active Living. For the past two years I have enjoyed my work with RTAM both as a Director as well as Chairing the Pension Committee.

In my retirement I continue to enjoy, golfing, curling, swimming, reading, playing bridge and attending church. But my favourite times are spent with family and friends especially my two beautiful grandchildren whom I adore.

I would look forward to continuing to work with and on behalf of retired teachers in Manitoba in the coming year.