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Winter has arrived in the Manitoba and the Winnipeg Police Service would like to remind everyone how to reduce your risk of becoming a victim of car theft.

Here are some steps that you can take to protect your car from theft:

Never leave your car running if it’s unattended
It’s often tempting, especially during the cold Manitoba winters to leave the car running while you dash into a store or to start the car and leave it running to warm up while you’re inside your house getting ready to go. Unfortunately, this can be an open invitation to auto thieves who only need a few seconds to get into your car and drive away with it.

Don’t leave your keys in the ignition, in key boxes, or inside your garage
Many stolen vehicles are those in which the keys have been left in the ignition. Never hide a spare key inside your car. Avoid hanging your keys by the door, put them in a safer, out-of-sight place. If a thief can get to your keys, they can get your car, even if it is parked in your garage or driveway.

If your vehicle is the type with a keyless remote entry fob and push-button ignition system, don’t leave it near the front entrance of your house unless you have a protective box or bag that is designed to block the key fob’s signal.

Make sure that you lock your car and roll up the windows
Many stolen vehicles are left unlocked. If your car is unlocked, or the windows are not rolled up all the way, a resourceful thief can get inside and steal your car. At the very least, they can get in and have access to any of your belongings that are inside the car.

Park in well-lit areas with as many people around as possible.
More than half of all vehicle thefts occur at night. It’s easier to steal your car if it’s in an area with no one around or where thieves can conceal their activities. Stick to parking in high-traffic, highly visible areas whenever possible.

Install a vehicle tracking device.
The police can use vehicle tracking devices to find your vehicle when it has been stolen. Certain vehicle manufacturers include this as a standard security device on every vehicle. In other cases, you can have it added as an option from the factory or installed aftermarket.

Fewer stolen vehicles on Winnipeg streets reduce the potential for serious collisions and harm to the public.

Watch this TakeAction video to see how quickly a vehicle can be stolen.

Every member of the community should be on the lookout for a potentially bad situation.
We all have a role to play in Crime Prevention. TakeAction
If you see something– say something!
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