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Contest to Build an Electronic RTAM Membership List by May 2021

According to the latest TRAF statistics, as of October 31, 2020, RTAM has 9,933 members, of which 297 are Honorary Members who are 90 plus years of age. The number of members who have provided their email address to the RTAM office is 6,617 or 66.61 % of our total membership. Currently, the only means of communication RTAM has with our entire 9,933 members is through our quarterly Keep In Touch (KIT) magazine. 

For the last three years RTAM has been investigating ways to build an electronic membership list which would allow us to contact all members quickly in response to emergent issues. To finally solve this problem, the RTAM Board of Directors is sponsoring a contest to solicit email addresses from 100% of our members. 

RTAM will invest $1,000 to purchase 20 x $50 Visa gift cards. Each RTAM member who submits their current email address to will have their name entered into a draw for 1 of these 20 gift cards. The draws will be made at the January 20, 2021 Board meeting. The winners will be notified after the meeting and their names will be posted on the RTAM website as well as published in the Spring (March 2021) edition of KIT. Each winner will receive their gift card via registered mail.