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In 2013 the Retired Teachers' Association of Manitoba established a permanent student award endowment fund of $50,000 with The Winnipeg Foundation. Four post secondary student awards of $500 will be awarded annually from the revenue generated by this fund.

The Winnipeg Foundation will distribute the awards (write the cheques) and monitor the financial health of our portion of the plan into the future.

An RTAM selection committee will annually determine the recipients of the awards from established criteria. The recipient must be:

  • a relative of an RTAM member
  • a Grade 12 graduate
  • involved in school and community activities.
  • enrolled in a post secondary education program.

As part of its mandate, the Educational Advocacy Committee will have responsibility for the overall administration of the RTAM Student Award Program.




West Winnipeg – St James Civic Centre – November 5, 2015

Submitted by Peggy Prendergast
Chair of the Educational Advocacy Committee

Thursday, November 5, close to 100 people over 55 years of age congregated at the St. James Civic Centre to listen to speakers inform them of some of the many services available to older adults in the area.  Information and welcoming words came from five different Senior Centres in the area for the first half hour starting at 10:00 am.  This was followed by the presentation “It’s Not Right, Neighbours, Friends and Family” delivered by Susan Crichton, the Elder Abuse Consultant from the Healthy Aging and Seniors Secretariat of the Manitoba Government.  Lunch, sponsored by RTAM, followed.  The afternoon began with a very informative overview by Jeanette Edwards, Regional Director Primary Care & Chronic Disease WRHA, of the various services available through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.  Barbara Balshaw, Team Manager Community Home Care WRHA, Access Winnipeg West, followed with a description of the Home Care services available and how to access them.  Following another short break, the day concluded with a presentation from Pam McConnell on Transportation Options Network for Seniors and information on Housing Options for Seniors As We Age given by Connie Newman and Peggy Prendergast.

This was the sixth such event that RTAM has sponsored across the province, partnering with MASC, the Manitoba Association of Senior Centres whose Executive Director is Connie Newman, a retired teacher and with the Manitoba Government, namely the Elder Abuse consultant, Susan Crichton, from the Healthy Aging and Seniors Secretariat.  Thompson, Dauphin, Portage La Prairie, and now the third area of Winnipeg have received pertinent information for their area.  Each time attendees have been asked to become advocates for their neighbours, friends and families as they gain information about the many services our province and communities have to offer.  We in Manitoba are very fortunate to have the services we have but if we don’t know what they are and how to access them they are not the benefit they could be.  82% of retired teachers volunteer in some way in the communities in which they live, much of this volunteer work is connected to these very services.  By inviting all the older adults who live in the area to these events we increase the knowledge base and advocacy base for everyone.

Not only is the isolated senior a target for this information but also our closest social associates, our neighbours, friends and families.  One of the comments included on the evaluations of the day given by a participant was, “Found the seminar to be informative.  I am a single person who lives alone.  Great to see that there are different programs for the 55+ that are available so that I can get out and mingle with others.”  Many of us end up “alone not of our own choice” as we age so that programs with a social component are very important.  Marvin Krawec, RTAM president brought greetings and gave personal family examples of how the information that had just been given was useful in his family situation again underlining the importance of these events.  Maybe the day can be summed up by this observation by one of the participants, “I really enjoyed the day.  There was many presentations that were very informative and important information that I am sure I will need in the future.  Thank you for organizing the day.”  Everyone who filled out an evaluation answered YES to the question: “Should RTAM continue to organize these seminars?”  Maybe we will see you and your neighbours at the next event organized in your area!

This whole day was a result of the work of retired teachers from the St. James chapter working with members of the RTAM Educational Advocacy Committee.  Thank you to all who were involved in this successful venture.

Co-sponsored with Age Friendly Manitoba and RTAM



Camille Daeninck

Eveline Juce

Rebecca Malcolm

Owen Ready

RTAM established an endowment fund with The Winnipeg Foundation in 2013 with an initial contribution of $50,000. This fund provides support for four $500.00 awards each year to a Grade 12 graduate who is: sponsored by a relative who is an RTAM member, involved in school and community activities, and enrolled in some form of post-secondary education. There were 45 award applications again submitted this year.

As retired teachers we place a strong value on education. Growing the RTAM Endowment Fund at the Foundation would allow us to enlarge the size of the award available to each student, and, possibly expand the support for young people in their studies to include post graduate students and students already enrolled in post-secondary education.

Please consider assisting in the growth of the RTAM Endowment Fund. It is listed as a registered charity through Canada Revenue Agency. The Retired Teachers of Manitoba Endowment Fund is held with The Winnipeg Foundation. Contributions can be made through them by phone, mail or internet. A tax receipt will be issued by the Winnipeg Foundation for your contribution to the fund. Bequests in your will or a memorial contribution as part of your funeral arrangements are suggestions for your consideration.

Online donation information:

  1. Go to The Winnipeg Foundation site
  2. Go to the “Make a Gift” tab
  3. Scroll down to the “Search” box and type in RTAM. It should take you to the Retired Teachers Endowment Fund page to make your donation.

RTAM is pleased to announce and congratulate the winners and their sponsors for 2016:

Award Winners Location RTAM Sponsor Relationship
Camille Daeninck Winnipeg Mr. Marcel Daeninck Grandfather
Eveline Juce Hamiota Mr. David Juce Father
Rebecca Malcolm Aurora, ON Mrs. Jeannette Timmerman Grandmother
Owen Ready Winnipeg Mrs. Edith Cooper Grandmother

Donate To The RTAM Endowment Fund

FOR GOOD, FOREVER please consider donating to the Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba Endowment Fund at The Winnipeg Foundation when you are considering either a bequest in your will, an “in memoriam” gift when someone close to you has passed away, or in deciding your charitable giving for the year.

RTAM established an endowment fund with The Winnipeg Foundation in 2013 with an initial contribution of $50,000.  Since then, this fund has provided support for four, $500.00 awards each year to Grade 12 graduates who are nominated by a relative who is an RTAM member.  The criteria for receiving an  award includes the student being; involved in school and community activities, enrolled in some form of post-secondary education, as well as academic achievement.  There has been an average of 40+ award applications submitted each year.
The four awards for 2017 will be $600.00 each, as investment interest and gifts made to the fund has given us more dollars for granting.  What better way for us to leave a legacy of “belief in education” to our following generations?  Each gift, no matter what amount, adds in perpetuity to the overall fund.  We have given our working lives to “education”, this is an opportunity to carry on the tradition.  “For Good. Forever”, The Winnipeg Foundation’s inspiring message, says it all!

For complete instructions on how to make a gift please go to The Winnipeg Foundation website:, go to “Make a Gift” tab, scroll down to the “search” box and type in RTAM,. or contact The Winnipeg Foundation.


Retirement is a time of transitions. Throughout your career you belonged to the Manitoba Teachers’ Society (MTS), but upon retirement you are no longer a member. The Retired Teachers’ Association of Manitoba (RTAM) exists to serve retired teachers. We invite you to join the growing number of RTAM members and enjoy the benefits of belonging.

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